Změna blogu na WordPress a doménu 2. řádu

Jelikož mě docela otravovala reklama na (nevadila mi grafická, ale zvuková, která začala hrát sama po najetí myší) jsem se rozhodl přesunout blog na vlastní server kvůli tomu, že jsem potřeboval někam nainstalovat WordPress. Tato změna přináší sebou několik výhod a vylepšení.

Seznam výhod přesunutí blogu pod křídla WordPress

  • blog je nyní bez reklam
  • když zadáte už se neděje žádný redirect
  • komentáře jsou stromové, tedy dá se reagovat
  • můžu občas změnit design apod. :-)
  • mám více možností na blogu, i když mě stačí ty základní :-)
  • mám svůj blog pod kontrolou


  • Nejsou přesunuty komentáře, bohužel…

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  1. Skromný kluk | 17.3.2012 v 13:05

    test komentáře

    • Skromný kluk | 17.3.2012 v 13:05

      test odpoved

      • Leonie | 15.4.2012 v 21:06

        Thank you for your comments. I am very aware that there is a liuegiors institution involved with the Livmor. My mentioning facts of a bar opening up on that corner of FDB in Harlem was not meant to offend anyone in the liuegiors community, but to continue my love and praise of Harlem. It appears you were offended from my blog post on this topic and for that, my apologies. However, now that you bring up the church that is [or was suppose] to go into the Livmor, what’s the status of that? Is it going to open? Not sure if you pass by there much, but there’s always trash out front and individuals, who appear to be without a home, crashing on the front door? If you have any developments to pass along, I would love to share with HarlemGal Inc. readers and express equal enthusiasm for a place of worship in Harlem.

      • ccurls | 16.4.2012 v 08:07

        MClhXc ehlowjbcjqfu

    • Mike | 16.4.2012 v 05:40

      Hmm I have been there twice already and loved it. What did you have while you were? I have taken two drfiefent people there and they were impressed. They liked the food, ambiance and location. I have also spoke with neighbors, they have had nothing but positive things to say about the place so far. And by the way, I am not family. I have no connections to the place. I’m only connected to the community I love, Harlem! Thanks for stopping by our site.

  2. petr | 17.3.2012 v 13:11

    Hehe taky test komentáře…ještěěěěěěěěě někdooooooo :-) Mno Pavle, ted du na to video s růžičkou, večer du a oslavu narozeni, bude ze mě king:-)

    • Skromny kluk | 17.3.2012 v 17:04

      Parada tak to drzim palce :-)

      • David | 17.4.2012 v 02:07

        I am here now at bier international. They are open and lpeope are drinking. I am going to post a picture on twitter here in a few seconds!

    • Laurieq | 16.4.2012 v 18:56

      Hey man, that’s the vanguard of the white race you’re anklitg about there.PS No-one tell Stormfront the origins of the name Lilith’. I’ll give you a clue: it starts with a h and ends with an ebrew and is found in a book that sounds a little like The kalmud .

    • Seven | 19.4.2012 v 02:39

      That’s a brilliant answer to an inrteetsnig question

  3. Auth | 16.4.2012 v 09:14

    Leron,I completely agree with you, it is a dagoernus block. Maybe we (concerned neighbors) can donate a surveillance camera to the NYPD to install on 114th, thus monitoring the situation and perhaps providing evidence for arrests. Every night I see dealers congregating in front of and going inside of the 99 cent store on the corner of 114 and 8th until in closes.Since the NYCHA has failed to do what their website states The New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) provides decent and affordable housing in a safe and secure living environment for low- and moderate-income residents throughout the five boroughs. Safe and secure?? I think not. Let the developers take over and clean up this street.

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